What to pack for a trip to Iceland

This is a fun one! How many places are literally freezing but powered by geothermal electricity?  Probably just Iceland.  I went in the winter and it was COLD.  This packing list covers what you will need in the winter, but I would assume that most of it is relevant in the summer as well.

  • Ski Jacket – duh – I wore a layered Helly Hansen jacket
  • Warm hat – I wore my North Face fleece hat – I may have even slept in it
  • Snow boots – No, not UGGS or some fashion boots, forget that, bring legit snow boots.  I borrowed my sisters boots and wore only those the entire time I was there.
  • Swimsuit! – Blue Lagoon.
  • Gloves – Warm ones, spare no expense on these.
  • Long underwear – I bought some breathable long underwear from Target and I wore them every single day
  • Heat packs – these little hand and feet warmers were amazing – I think I would’ve been miserable without them
  • Fleece jammies



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