Top 10 reasons Germany is legit the best

When you think of Germany you probably think of lederhosen and beer, but as I return this country I called home for more than two years, the top ten things that should be noted about Germany are listed in order of importance below!
  1. One word: Butterbrezen.  You’ve never had a pretzel until you’ve had a fresh baked one smothered in German butter. OMG. This is life changing. It’s one of the first things I devour eat when I land.  Not for those counting calories or watching cholesterol. IMG_0274
  2. Bakeries on every corner.  All full with fresh baked goods, sandwiches, and good coffee. Perfect for fast food that isn’t pure garbage and budget friendly. You can get a sandwich and a cappuccino for less than 5 euros. IMG_0272
  3. Safe. Safe safe safe. There’s something about their pride and honesty that makes this country safe. Of course one should always be on alert when traveling solo, but as an unarmed nation, it is unlikely someone is going to hold you at gun point for your purse.
  4. Clean. This is one of the cleanest countries I’ve ever been in. With trash receptacles and recycling bins everywhere, keeping tidy is a breeze. Even public restrooms are usually well kept.
  5. Orderly.  Along with cleanliness, you won’t find mad chaos at stations or in public locations. Germans pride themselves on their order.  Seriously, even the Lufthansa strike that I encountered was well organized.
  6. Most Taxi’s are Mercedes.  Do I need to say more?     IMG_0291
  7. Green!  Recycling is king here.IMG_0279
  8. It is just so cute  Tiny villages that feel like children’s story books, balconies that overlook sleepy towns, and pictureesqu landscapes viewed from trains.   IMG_0248
  9. Parks galore.  If you like to stroll, this is the place to be.  Every city, town, village has a large open green area to enjoy fresh air.   IMG_0237-0
  10. Nice, efficient airports.  Every German airport I have been in is organized, clean, and relatively on time.

What did you think?

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