Flying Emirates

Ah a personal dream come true! I’ve always wanted to fly Emirates, the elusive queen of the skies, and I was giddy when it popped up as my cheapest option out of Mauritius.IMG_2295
Unfortunately, I always fly in economy with peasants like myself because I don’t have status, nor am I willing to spend money to fly business.  Due to this ‘poor fortune’ of mine I always take sedatives and quickly fall asleep sometimes even before takeoff. This time however I felt like a kid getting ready for Disney.  I got to the airport early – not my character – and couldn’t wait to check in.  I was also early for boarding!IMG_2285

I was also looking forward to have a layover in Dubai! I’ve been on the edge about visiting more of the Middle East so seeing it from the airport would give me an idea of what it would be like to come back for a visit.

Boarding was an experience, there were three gangways and I was greeted by name by the flight attendant and directed to my seat.  Non-peasants were directed upstairs to first class suite cabins.IMG_2281

Economy in Emirates is equivalent to Economy Plus or even Business on other airliners.  I was not disappointed with my massive, comfy, window seat.  IMG_2288

Take off was a breeze, the A380 is so heavy that you can hardly feel takeoff and before you know it you are off and away.  Next, the flight attendants pass out a menu – yes a menu – in economy class.  Then comes the hot hand towels.  Wow, I felt like I was getting the royal treatment.IMG_2314

Dinner was delicious and I am not exaggerating when I say that the coffee afterwards was some of the very best coffee I have ever had.  They had fresh steamed milk to marry it with – not chilled boxed milk.

When dinner was done, they gently turned down the cabin lights and the ‘sky’ inside lit up with the stars, and constellations.  It was dreamy and I really annoyed my sleeping Italian neighbors with the photo below I took with flash.  Me scuzzi I said. IMG_2302

Truth be told, after several days in Mauritius with slow wifi and Bollywood channels, I was getting bored.  I about peed my pants when I saw 2,000 channels on board my Emirates flight!  Movies and tv galore!

I watched TV shows, and the new Amy movie. What airline has brand new movies?  I also played several games including Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.  Luckily I got the $100 question which was the sun is a _____?  STAR!  Yours truly didn’t know this fact until a 2010 NYC planetarium visit, a full three years after I graduated high school University, where I came out amazed afterwards stating to everyone wow I had no idea the sun was a star!  I haven’t lived that down, yet.IMG_2290IMG_2301

When it came time to land it wasn’t a jarring moment of bright florescent lights, it was a gentle sunrise that occurred in cabin.  The lights mimicked natural light as they slowly awoke us for a delicious breakfast.

Disembarking was quick and I spent my layover in the Priority Pass lounge which had the biggest spread of breakfast and coffees I have seen in a lounge.

Emirates IS all that it’s cracked up to be.


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