Top 5 must do’s when checking into your hotel

I’ve learned a few lessons with frequent nights in hotels, now I have a mental checklist I run though at every check-in.  This might help you avoid bug bites, and being bothered in general.

  1. Put suitcase on a luggage rack, chair, desk, anything but the floor!
  2. Check bed for bedbugs.
    • It doesn’t matter if your hotel is grimy or 5 star, bed bugs do not discriminate.
    • You do this by pulling up the sheets on the corner of the mattress and looking in the seals of the perimeter of the mattress.
    • Signs of bedbugs will include small dark spots which are their faeces, blood stains, or the bugs themselves.
    • If you do find bugs you’ll be glad your suitcase was not on the floor, they can be in carpet and they love to travel with you! Ask for another room several floors away.
  3. Check for a hairdryer
    • If you know you’ll need one make sure it’s there. Nothing’s more annoying than being dripping wet and unable to find one, and waiting on someone to deliver it.
  4. Check that the phone works.
    • Nothing irritates me more than having a dead phone and not being able to order room service.  This can also be filed under legit first world problems
  5. Once you’re all clear, always put your valuables in the safe – wallet, passport, laptop.
  6. Put that do not disturb right on your door.
    • I’ve come to realize some cultures find it courteous to check on you in your room, I even had one girl walk right in and sit on my bed! She was being polite and asking about an excursion I’d booked so I just went with it.
    • To be left alone just have that DND up at all times
  • Stephanie Glasser-Whitrock
    Posted at 02:26h, 03 February Reply


  • Gina B
    Posted at 23:40h, 09 February Reply

    From one traveler to another.. also check for a shower cap, robe and slippers. All hotels should have a shower cap but in my experience not all did and it drove me nuts!

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