4 months traveling

Four months have flown by! It feels like ages ago that I sold my house and bid adieu to corporate life, in fact, it feels like another life altogether.  Writing from Santiago, Chile looking out of my hotel room to the big city surrounded by the Andes, this is my life.

So much has happened since December – I hiked an active volcano in Guatemala with one of my best friends that I met years ago in Munich.  I see her nearly every year since we left Germany, but this trip was more special than any previous.  I went surfing for the first time in my life in Central America.  I sat on the beach in Costa Rica with two amazing girls I met traveling, star-gazing, seeing shooting stars, and hearing the waves crash against the beach.  Another one of my closest friends came to Panama City, we partied, saw the canal, and spent a day lazing on the beach together.  I hiked Machu Picchu alone, and I saw the Moon Valley.

I stayed a night in Peru with a friend I hadn’t seen since we lived in Munich.  Her, her husband, and daughter welcomed me like family.  Last night I ate sushi with a former colleague and his wife in the heart of Chile.  I spent a day in the salt flats of the Atacama desert with an Australian, a Swede, and a Brazilian and we talked about how travel brings every person together – that borders and politics disappear and we all become just people experiencing the world together.

And the best part of all is that I still have so much coming up – Patagonia, New Zealand, Australia, Angkor Wat, Egypt, the solstice in Iceland.  Everything about this life is perfect.

I found so many things in myself I never knew I had.  All along I had everything in me to live the greatest life.  Happiness is seeping through my pores, I’m free, and I’m living life in every possible way.

I’ve taken 22 flights since I took off, visited 12 countries, been on 4 continents, and in 2 hemispheres.

I’m happy from the bottom of my heart and I thank all of you following my blog!


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