Top 3 countries to visit as a solo traveler

Are you ready for your first solo trip but not sure where to start?  I absolutely love solo traveling and these are my top recommendations for giving it a go alone!


  • This one is a little obvious, English is the native language and there’s something about American and British camaraderie that makes you feel comfortable there.
  • With non-stop flights to London from most major cities in the US you can be in Europe in as little as 6 hours.
  • It’s close and convenient.



  • Incredibly safe
  • Most people can speak some, if not excellent English
  • The public transport is easy to navigate and extremely efficient
  • Plus, castles





  • This is the closest destination the US, IcelandAir has several direct flights daily to Keflavik
  • With only one highway, it is also very easy to navigate by car
  • Icelanders are incredibly friendly, warm, and speak excellent English
  • This country has everything from relaxing spas, adventure hiking, and the Northern Lights


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