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Top 10 reasons to #SoloTravel

Party of ONE!

Many people are shocked when they hear I am mostly solo traveling the world.  I say mostly because I have met up with friends and family in different cities.  But the truth is I am alone and there are several us, I am not the first or the last solo traveler.  There are men and women all over the world doing the exact same thing and it is awesome.IMG_3450Why would anyone want to travel alone?  Either for a short trip, or an extended global trip?  I put together the top ten reasons I could think of that should satisfy this question…and maybe encourage you to try it yourself.

  1. You appreciate your own thoughts and develop your own opinions without the influence of others.IMG_3478
  2. You can come and go as you please, plan extra days wherever you want without consulting others.IMG_3562
  3. Your confidence raises.  Like it goes through the roof, you figure yourself out of all types of predicaments and you’re left thinking, yes I can handle that.IMG_4717
  4. You learn about yourself, like really learn.  You learn what you like, what you don’t like, what you’ll tolerate, how to care for yourself and answer your own questions.  Or google will answer them 🙂IMG_3864
  5. It’s empoweringIMG_5202
  6. You can do whatever you want to do without being on someone else’s schedule. Want to sleep in? Want to take that 8 hour museum tour?  That’s great, you can do any of that on your own time!IMG_0683
  7. You’re more open to meeting new people.  When you are alone for extended periods of time it is natural to want to converse with others so you are almost forced to meet new people.  The people I have met on my trip have been some of the most incredible people I have ever met.IMG_3458
  8. You learn what you’re capable of and self-reliance.IMG_5261
  9. You are free to be yourself, exactly who you are, nobody to impress!IMG_4393
  10. You are constantly forced out of your comfort zone – think dining alone, language barriers, missed busses, etc.  You have to think on your feet and overcome obstacles that leave you feeling stronger.IMG_4824

I absolutely love solo travel, to me solo travel is the best form of international travel.  Of course it is nice to experience amazing things with other people, but solo travel is the most growth worthy and empowering one can do for oneself. IMG_4489

  • Steph
    Posted at 21:31h, 25 May Reply

    Such an inspiration you are. I love you

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