The coziest winter getaway – Zermatt, Switzerland

During my round-the-world-trip I simply couldn’t resist a cozy winter trip to the Swiss Alps.  Thanks to the other travel bloggers I follow, I decided to check out the car-free home of the Matterhorn – Zermatt, Switzerland.


Zermatt is about a 3 hour train ride from Zurich and is a mini winter wonderland of horse drawn carriages, ski chalets, dreamy views, and fondue. It is a lot like a Colorado ski town, only filled with Europeans that are ummm, loaded?  IMG_2535From Zurich you transfer at the main station at Visp and board the Glacier Express to your final destination of Zermatt. (There is no other way to get into Zermatt than this train.)IMG_2533

This is one of the many times I’m glad I only packed in a carryon. In a car-less town I had to drag my suitcase the from the train station to my hotel and up snowy steps.  Yes there are mini train ike taxis to help with luggage and skis but it’s about $15 for a 5 minute ride.  I’m not cheap but that was just a bit steep for me.

IMG_2538What to do

Aside from the skiing, there are various other activities in the area.  With limited funds, I made my main attraction the Gornergrat railway.  This cute little train takes you all the way to the top of Gornergrat, where this adorable sheep lives, and spectacular views of the Matterhorn can be seen.  IMG_2625

A visit to Switzerland isn’t complete without fondue!  After an afternoon at the Gornergrat I walked into a small, wooden restaurant and ordered the first thing on the menu and below is what came out.   It was delicious, and worth every single calorie.  IMG_2698


I stayed at the Hotel Berghof.  It was the warmest lodge with a wood burning fire, a gorgeous pool, and a sun room with a telescope.  My room was a snuggly room made of wood with what I deemed my little elf bed.  The room was so comfortable it was hard to leave! IMG_2742IMG_2702IMG_2713

The Matterhorn is visible from just about anywhere in Zermatt, but I did get lucky, on the first morning I woke up it was bright in my face! I was like a kid at a candy store staring out the window at it.  The other days I wasn’t so lucky, the snow and clouds covered it.IMG_2560

Finally how’s the skiing? I have no idea, I don’t ski. Go for the snug lodges, spas, and calming views.

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