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Top 6 All-time travel tips

If I am on the fly, these are the top things I recommend to every traveler both seasoned and new.

1  Bring an ID

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re heading out, always bring some form of identification.  I carry my driver’s license with me, even if just around the corner to grab a coffee.

2  Earplugs

Never travel without them. You never know if your room will be facing the street, if you have overly noisy neighbors, or if your accommodation is above a bar.  Literally there are endless scenarios where noise can ruin your trip.

3  Taxis

If you’re going to a new country and don’t know if the taxis are reliable, safe, etc. ask your hotel or hostel to arrange airport pickup for you. This usually costs more, but theres value in this because it gives you peace of mind and will save you money if you were to get scammed.

4 Pack tissues

Always bring a small pack of tissues, especially if you are a woman. You’ll be surprised at how many places don’t have toilet paper.

5  Medication

Take small amounts of meds you might need. Don’t expect to find your brands abroad or even available over the counter.

6  Restaurants

To find the best restaurants and food in town, walk around until you find a busy place, it might take some patience and an extra 15 minutes, but it’s time well spent.  As a general note, any restaurant that is empty and has someone bothering you with a menu outside, the food probably isn’t great.  When was the last time you went to a great restaurant where they had to coax you in? Never.



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