10 Fun facts you didn’t know about Iceland

My second trip to Iceland I stayed with my friend Katla and I learned a lot about Iceland!  I decided there were a lot of fun facts that everyone should know about this Nordic country.  Here they are:

1  There are only 330,000 people living in Iceland.

2  Not everybody has a last name/family name.

3  Second or third name is always ‘son or daughter of.’

4  Post codes are only 3 digits.

5  Flag rules are very tricky, you can’t just put a flag in your front yard and call it a day; there are special days and occasions for flag display.

6  They have not one, but 13 Santas and they all live in the mountains

7  Along with the 13 Santas comes the Christmas Cat, who eats you if you are bad.

8  They keep it real simple with relatives – any male relative is a frændi and any female relative is a frænka.

9  There are more sheep than people in the country.

10  Thirties actually means twenties, so when I say I am in my thirties, Icelandic people interpret that as I am in my twenties; I am ok with this setup.


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