I wanted to go to Patagonia for as long as I can remember, to be at the bottom of the world, in the mountains, surrounded by lakes, glaciers, and nature.  I was so happy to be able to see it during my world tour, and I literally loved every single thing about it.  It was relaxing, serene, beautiful, and so worth the travel.IMG_5694 Arrival Patagonia is a region that spans across both Chile and Argentina.  I elected to see the Argentine side because as an American, I had to pay my reciprocity fee of $140 in advance to enter Argentina, so I decided to spend my full Patagonian experience in Argentina..  I started this leg of my trip flying from Santiago, staying one night in Buenos Aires, then flying  to El Calafate on Aerolinas Argentina the next afternoon.  There are bus services to Patagonia between both Buenos Aires and Santiago, however I was not interested in spending 20 hours on a bus.  I found reasonable one-way flights at about $150 each all on Aerolineas Argentina. Side note:  During my trip in Argentina, President Barack Obama visited and the reciprocity fee was lifted from American tourists.