Who is High Heels And A Laptop?


I’m Whitney, a 30-year-old wanderlust with 59 countries under my belt.  Last year, I left my career, sold my house, and embarked on a trip around the world for an unknown period of time.  I started this blog to document my adventure, but also to inspire others to take risks and live a life authentic to them.


My style varies from adventure travel – glaciers, deserts, and volcanoes, to beaches and museums.  I stay at hostels, hotels, and I rely on travel points to add luxury to my trip.


Why the name of this blog?  I have always felt that all I needed in life to be successful was a pair of heels and a laptop.


Want to know where I am going and where I have been?  On the home page, scroll to the bottom to see my nomad map!


I am happy to answer questions about travel, drop me an email at whitney.whitrock@gmail.com

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