The Blue Lagoon – Icelands geothermal wonder spa

A day spent relaxing in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a day well spent.


On a winter trip to Iceland I did what most tourists do – I took a day trip to the Blue Lagoon and enjoyed every moment of it.

I had rented a car so I drove myself from Reykjavik, in total it was about a 40 minute drive each way. My mobile wifi wasn’t working so I didn’t have driving directions, however it is rather easy to spot from the main highway since the steam from the lagoon bellows high up into the air.   I followed the steam and the road signs and arrived with ease.

The lagoon is very close to Keflavik airport so if you have a lengthy layover I would recommend getting out of the airport and visiting the lagoon.

At the time I went to the Blue Lagoon earlier this year you could simply arrive and wait in line, however as of September, 2015 their website says pre-booking is required.  I booked the comfort package a few days in advance and was more than satisfied.  I also bought a one hour in water massage, this allowed me entrance in the expedited lane as well as a complementary bathrobe. When I arrived the line was out the door and it was bitter cold outside; I was elated I was able to skip the line with my massage purchase.


After you get through check in, you are guided to the huge and very well maintained locker rooms. There you change, shower, and then walk/run from the locker room into the water.  The day I went I believe it was maybe 20F outside so the water felt amazing.  You can see the heat steaming off of people as they scamper in and out of the spa.

I passed time lounging in the enormous pool, rubbing silica on my face, breathing in the heat in the sauna, swimming under the waterfall, and just people watching from the relaxation room – I probably took a nap in there too.

The in water massage was really nice, but I did feel a little cold.  You are positioned on your back on a floating blanket and another thick water blanket is draped over you.  To keep warm the masseuse periodically pushes your body slightly under the water to fill the space between the blankets back up with warmer water.  To be 100% honest it was not the most amazing massage I have ever had in my life, but it was an experience and well worth being able to enter through the expedited line.

My skin felt amazing for several days after my swim, and upon returning to my hotel I slept like a baby.

  • Karmughil Vannan
    Posted at 17:33h, 04 August Reply

    Blue Lagoon sounds to be a great idea. Iceland is dream!! 🙂

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