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Half a year traveling

Six months ago last week I left my life in America to travel the world, and last week I turned 30.  I said goodbye to a long decade in my life and I started this new decade overlooking the Mediterrean Sea in Malta.IMG_1997 I did it, I said I didn’t want to spend the rest of my twenties in a cubicle, and I freaking did it!  This has been by far and away the best 6 months of my life, I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to do, I have become more myself than I ever have in my entire life.  I have accepted inalienable things about myself, and I have grown substantially.   I have learned that I am brave, I am strong, and I can love.

I’ve flown, walked, and driven thousands and thousands of miles, went around the globe full circle, hit 6 continents, 25 countries, met so many new friends, but most importantly I fell in love.

I fell in love with me and with someone else.  Like a dream we met in Panama, then again in Asia, and like any fairytale, it ended quickly after.   I met him in the best time in my life and even though the pain of loss is lingering, guess what?  This is still the best time of my life.

I learned a lot from that romance.  I learned that I, Whitney, slightly insane, overzealous, adventurous, unconventional, fearless, and ever different Whitney is lovable, the most lovable.  I learned I can get a great man, a handsome man with his life together, I can have an adult relationship that’s positive and inspiring, and I can continue to love myself even after someone stops loving me.  I used to think I could never get any of that, that somehow that type of love was out of reach for me, but I learned I can and will love again.  I learned I can hold myself up when nobody else will.

I also learned that even when I am completely alone, thousands of miles from every single person I know, my life is exploding with love from every crevice of the world.  I am the most lucky person to have love flowing out of my life from my friends and family, and that they will stand up for me when I am falling. IMG_2001

I know love will come again and the right one will fight for me.  I have the mentality that #lovewins and the true one will never leave me.

Some people just need to change their job, get a massage, go to counseling for like 8 weeks, or take a long jog to realize these things.  I needed 30 years, to quit my life, and start my life to realize it.

I’m ready to say goodbye to my occasionally tumultuous 20s and welcome the next decade of my life more sure of myself than ever, more peaceful and kinder than ever and with a wider understanding of what is important in life.

I have also posted a photo of my face for the first time on this blog.  I have kept my identity hidden throughout this blog with the idea that anyone – any woman – can be me.  I wanted people that stumbled across this blog to be inspired to reach their dreams through anonymity.

In the words of David Guetta – the world is mine.   See ya next month in Ibiza Guetta 😉


  • Carol Ferenc
    Posted at 13:27h, 04 August Reply

    Whitney, thanks for following my blog. I’m amazed by your story and look forward to reading more of your adventures. You’re bold. You’re beautiful. You’re living the life so many people dream about. Never give up on your dreams.

    • HighHeelsAndALaptop
      Posted at 10:09h, 15 August Reply

      Thanks Carol 🙂

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